Acedevel is a young company dedicated to the industry of Web Development, Mobile Applications, IT, Capacititing, and Technical Support. It was founded in January 2013 by Rebeca Condori and Fernando Villegas. The name consists of two acronyms in English Ace Development, which mean Excellent Development, or just Ace Development. Our company is focused on solving problems using informationtechnologies for worldwide customers, we carefully select the best technology for each problem, we offer custom web development solutions and mobile applications giving the necessary image and providing all necessary functionality that is required for each business of our clients. We highlight the enormous desire to cooperate with our clients, their problems are our problems and we are always willing to go beyond our duties to achieve excellence. We honor the name of our company in the capacitation process to which each resource of Acedevel is subjected to, in order for them to be excellent developers and make excellent products on the worldwide market.

Ing. Rebeca Condori is a Systems Engineer with extensive work experience of over 7 years, working with Technology Development and Web Design, currently she is a Project Manager and Lead Developer at Acedevel LLC, she also teaches Advanced Programming, Design Patterns MVC and also Responsive Design in Acedevel  LLC.

Ing Mgr. Fernando Villegas has a Masters degree in Telecomunications and  in Telematics and he is a Systems Engineer with experience of over 10 years working with Technologies of Web Development and Mobile, he is currently a Project Manager and Senior Lead Developer at Acedevel LLC.