What we do is what our clients want

We build our reputation based on an excellent attention and development of products, making our satisfied client portfolio grow. Our secret is found in the quality of the products which we develop, the attention, time and support we give to our clients. We have solutions based in Open Source, and solutions with proprietary technologies according to the nature of the requirements of the client.

What we do

  • We listen to the requirements of the client taking notes of everything in detail.
  • We conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements and elaborate multiple documents: one defining the requirements, defining the scope, resources, time, cost, etc., another the task scheduling and resource allocation.
  • We execute the project based on the documents that are presented and approved by the client.
  • We provide presentations and periodic reports, the client is aware of the tasks and throughout the development.
  • After testing, we perform the installation process to production servers, where we do our testing again.
  • Once the solution is implemented, we provide a periodic technical support and training for the clients and/or users.

 What we don’t do

  • Use tactics that will endanger your business or website
  • Conceal any problems or threats to your business or website
  • Create false expectations
  • We don’t guess, we test and evaluate.

Every great business needs a great website, contact us and send us your questions, we will provide you all our support and orientation.