Services We Offer

Acedevel offers our excellent programming and designing team, with an extensive experience in the world of Web development and Mobile Applications, we are able to successfully execute projects of medium and high complexity in a highly competitive environment, where the quality of the products we develop stands out.

Our experts in web and mobile development have more than 6 years of experience working as developers and designers, they completed their Bachelor Degree as System Engineers and or Computer Engineering. After completing their Bachelor degree they completed Specialized Training Courses for Web and Mobile development, these courses were taught by experts in the area. In Acedevel we want to offer our clients a first class service providing high quality products, that is why we take care of the training of our team. We know that in IT the technology is always changing, growing so we adapt to these new technologies.

We put our experts in web and mobile development to your disposition for offering a wide range of services like:

Web and Mobile development, Full Customization of existing Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Websites Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Design, Banner Designing, Landing Page Designing, E-mail Designing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Technical Support, and all the assesments for your needs.

All these services involve several technologies, programming methodologies and paradigms, that we mastered before offering our services.

You are very welcome, feel free to contact us for evaluations without charge and you can see periodically our posts in our blog at

Our commitment is to always provide the best service to our clients. Also, you can check our testimonials.

Mobile Application Development

We make mobile applications for all the smart devices whether it's in Android or IOS, native or using phonegap, for any purpose Maps, Media, Health, Games and more.

Full Customization

We customize any existing solution, following standards for a portable, scalable, and extensible integration. We are experts in customizing existing modules, components, plugins, widgets, themes, templates, etc., according to your needs.

Responsive Design

In a world where the smart devices predominate, the migration to new technologies is mandatory to any company, our responsive design looks for the best web experience a user can have.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your website has been designed and built, the next step is ensuring it gets found in the search engines. We will ensure your site is correctly optimized for all the parameters for increasing traffic and page rank.

Banner Design

This is a world of advertisements and we understand the importance of your brand's banners on websites or on event places. We design almost all size of banners as per your requirement.

Landing Page Design

The Landing page design is a crucial aspect for every business, it represents the main face of your business to your public, it needs to be nice, simple and clean. We can build the best one that fits for your business.

E-mail Design

We manage email campaigns of marketing using Newsletters, Email Templates, for increasing traffic and building interaction between your business and your clients.

Logo Design

The logo of your business represents a brand image, which is very important for your growth. The logo is the identity which is visible in every event. We design customized logos strictly according to your choice.

Graphic Design

Our designers provide a creative Graphic Design in any resolution for Websites, single pictures, advertisements, and any related graphic work.

E-Commerce Solutions

The demand for e-commerce websites today is on the rise. We help you in convert your website in a successful online store giving you the opportunity of improve your sales.

Website Maintenance

Our expertise in Web technologies make us indicated for giving maintenance to your Websites, no matter in what technology was developed, we can add new features or improve the existing ones, also upgrading, migration and redesign. We are working with Web Technologies since 2004.

Social Media

Nowadays, all the companies need to reach to the public for offering their services and products. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others are the boom for reaching and connecting people, we can work in your marketing campaigns, or integrating these social networks to your site, or application.

Web Development

Our team of expert coders ensure that every website we build meets with the standards of quality, in this way we guarantee a very well designed website, responsive, scalable, user friendly and very well documented.

Web Design

Our web designers create customised websites attending to the individual client's professional and business requirements, every design reflects the business's identity, after this the design is implemented using the appropriated technologies, always giving our best.