Debian Day 2015

Debian Day 2015

Debian Day 2015


We are very glad to invite you to the community here in Cochabamba city to the Debian Day 2015 event that is commemorated every August 16th, we are going to organize a InstallFest for all the people present in Acedevel offices and some talks about this powerful distribution.

Debian was founded by Ian Murdock in 1993, August 16th, in a beginning was supported by a small group of hackers, now this group has grew up to a large community around the world. Thank you so much Ian and Debian Community, and Congratulations!

The event Debian Day 2015 in Cochabamba will be in Acedevel Offices, Cala Cala, Tupac Katari Street #2054 Cochabamba Bolivia, the cost of the assistance is absolutely free. We will give you some presents here. Please confirm your assistance through this event in Facebook.

This event is very special for us because we are fans of Debian and we use it in our servers and working environments, and also this is the first time we organize this event.

We hope to count with your assistance.

Also you can check the Debian Manifesto here or check the Debian official page.

This is the official link of the event in Debian.